Mobile Phones vs. Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

Posted on October 15, 2012 on 3:37 pm by Brittany.

Future of Digital Cameras

The Future of Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

You know, I was really starting to think cell phones would completely replace the digital camera market (keep in mind, none of this is in reference to high quality photographer’s DSLRs and such). After giving it more thought I started to ponder instead how long cell phones as we think of them were going to last.

But first, let’s back up to digital cameras.  Are cell phones eliminating the need for digital cameras – yes, but only as far as they can without interfering with the other abilities of your phone.   Basically, you don’t need to purchase a $90-$200 camera anymore just to take digital photos of a reasonably decent quality. I believe my iPhone is capable of taking higher quality shots than the digital camera I paid $200 for back in 2007. I haven’t touched that camera in a long while (and not just because I misplaced it…).

But your phone does have its limitations, and these limitations should keep point and shoot digital cameras in production:

  • Point-and-shoot digital cameras have more complicated lenses that allow for better zoom and wide angle shots.
  • Point-and-shoots use a flash that is better for lighting in low-light situations. The best the phone has been able to do so far is give you a strong LED, which is great for spot lighting things that are close to you but not for anything further away.
  • Cell phone sensors and lenses are too small, and it’s unlikely that there would be enough space on the phones of today to have any significant focal length range.

And then let’s consider the evil b-word (not that one) battery:

  • Point-and-shoot cameras use power more quickly than your phone does (and think about how bad your phone is already). So if you were to try to add more and more digital camera capabilities to your phone and use your phone often to take photos, it would have a significant impact your battery life. (for now at least)

Let’s just say for the sake of argument that most of this gets incorporated anyway, technology does keep evolving after all.  I have to imagine it’s going to make your cell phone bigger (imagine not: iPhone 5 – world’s thinnest phone ever, but rather: iPhone 6 – world’s largest smart phone yet!)

In general, cell phones are giving the digital camera industry a run for its money and it should only benefit the consumers. “Okay” digital cameras just aren’t going to cut it, they’ve been replaced by a tiny lens on your smart phone and an app. What is produced needs to be better than what our phones are capable of in order to sell.  Because who really wants to carry around a camera and a phone just in case they see something they want to take a picture of when the phone can take a decent enough shot?

What’s to come for digital cameras then?

I expect a higher level of connectivity – apps on your digital camera, Photoshop (or comparable) installed to edit photos on the spot, WiFi, social media, etc. Some of this is already live in doses, but it will become more heavily incorporated and expected. Expect the fall of the average digital camera for the rise of higher quality digital cameras.




So… what was this about cell phones not lasting? Am I crazy?? Perhaps. Yes.. perhaps indeed.



I just got to thinking the other day and wondered if they would be necessary in the future. What if our phone abilities (call and text) were accessible in all of our other electronics. Call people from your DSLR camera, text from your TV, call from your car, text from your tablet… All of these things already exist in a way (not sure about the calling from a DSLR, but the rest) but what if they existed without your physical phone? Or…

Maybe you just always had something on you (think: credit card, bracelet, microchip in your skin!!, whatever) that would transmit your phone into any device you were around, should you choose to do so. And that might not even be necessary. But basically you could use almost any electronic device to talk and text, whether it be a smart device that fits in the palm of your hand like it does now (which I’m sure many, many people would still want), or a TV, stereo, car, etc. I’m sure many would still use their MP3 player / tablet, but the key to my hypothesis is that you wouldn’t NEED to carry your “phone” around. You could forget it at home and still be connected. (and you could shut it off and what have you.. no one should be “on” all the time).


Just some musings.. think about it. So far we keep taking the phone and adding as much as we can to it, what if we did the opposite? Add the phone feature to everything else.  Hey, you never know.



Now: enjoy my right-handed mouse sketches (from my left-handed self) and maybe another time I’ll share my thoughts on TV’s and how they’ve somehow become the most overlooked piece of technology that needs advancing. Everyone’s working very slowly on this while focusing on their phones.

New Phones


A note before I sign off… a draft of this post just auto saved at: 3:33:33pm. What. (for anyone who watches Psych, I had Gus in mind when I typed “what.”, for those who don’t: go watch Psych.)

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