Fool Proof Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted on May 18, 2012 on 3:17 pm by Brittany.

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

We hope you’ll forgive us for not featuring a Mother’s Day gift blog, we’ve been so busy! But, we know sometimes it can be more difficult to find gifts for men so we stepped it up, amid the chaos, to make sure you have some great ideas for Father’s day gifts this year.



Dads Love Star Wars For you formal-but-Star-Wars-loving dad:
This casual Friday shirt ($15) will brighten his Friday’s at the office. And if that just doesn’t seem like enough get him one of these little guys ($29) to keep at his desk. With the ability to talk when squeezed, they’ll be sure to keep him company at work.


Dads Who Like to Cook If he likes to cook:
Not all dad’s are great cooks, or even really want to cook, so I wanted to make sure I covered some bases by running through some options:

  • First let’s cover the dad who grew up loving the 60′s and all of the food that came with it, he enjoys an Old Fashioned with his dinner and remembers family gatherings and having  the neighbors over for dinner growing up. The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook: Inside the Kitchens, Bars, and Restaurants of Mad Men by Judy Gelman and Peter Zheutlin ($12) will be the gift that keeps on giving for this dad. Serving up more than 70 recipes to satisfy any appetite, the book is also packed with period detail providing historical and cultural context for the dishes and cocktails featured in the show. Grab this book now and maybe this 7-Piece Whiskey Gift Set ($22) to show your dad just how much his taste and history means to you.
  • Speaking of whiskey, if your dad appreciates only the best of the best, make sure you pick him up this book ($25) that I like to call my “whiskey bucket list,” but is actually titled 1001 Whiskies You Must Taste Before You Die by Dominic Roskrow. Just make sure he doesn’t try to run through the list too fast. Oh! And, include this card ($5) with the book for a bonus gift.
  • If you’re dad walks into the kitchen and just has NO IDEA what to make once he gets there, AND he has a fondness for the F bomb, try the book What the F@$k Should I Make For Dinner?: The Answer to Life’s Everyday Question (in 50 F@$#ing Recipes) by Zach Golden ($11). There’s a website with the same name, that is obviously NSFW, but entertains the same concept (whatthe[#$@%], just replace my [#$@%] appropriately). Your dad will be run through a brief Q&A to help answer the question of what he should make for dinner. The recipes are pretty easy and both meat-eaters and vegetarians can find something good to make.


Some Dad's Shouldn't Cook If you’re dad should not be in the kitchen because he is accident prone, consider the following gift:
This Olympus Digital Camera is one of the toughest cameras on the market for a decent price ($400). It’s waterproof, shockproof, crushproof, freezeproof, and dustproof WITH a water repellent lens coating to prevent drops of water from remaining on the lens surface and double-lock durability to protect against accidental openings under water. If he breaks this one, you can quit buying him cool things and just get him this tshirt.


Ultimate Chess Battle If the idea of arguing over who is the best at chess between you, your dad, and your sibling again is just making you crazy:
Then get your dad this awesome three player chess board for Father’s day. How do they do it? I’d be so confused trying to play this way, but that’s just me.


Gaming Dads For the dad who just can’t put down the video game controller (and you’re okay with that) try this: 
Open source controller for all of his smart devices. It can be changed, adapted, and hacked to do whatever he can imagine. So whether he’s in a plane, train, or automobile he’ll still be able to play his games, with a controller.


Silly Dads For the dad who can barely work his iPhone, let alone keep it charged:
Offer him a raincheck on this nifty JuiceTank charge case by Detached. While it’s still in Kickstarter stage right now, it has been successfully funded and will hopefully be in full production for Christmas!! There are very few chargers / cases / extended battery type things for iPhones these days that offer something that makes you look twice, but I think this is actually an ingenious case, and I’m pretty sure your dad will too.


Entrepreneur Dads If you’re dad is a self starter, motivated and has a great product/business idea in the works:
Help his entrepreneurial spirit by setting him up with one of these payment acceptance methods: Paypal’s credit card reader or Square’s credit card reader (both free, but card processing fees apply) if you don’t have any desire to accept Paypal payments. If he needs something a bit more fancy, like an entire POS system for his new coffee shop bakery, then get him Square’s new register system for his iPad. He’ll be in business in no time.


For Dad's with Questionable Coworkers Back to helping your dad out at work… if you want to help him harness the power of his cubicle and take control of his coworker with annoying action figures enemies:
Consider the real mini desk cannon ($30). Okay… so I think it might technically be considered a firearm, and he probably can’t have it at his office… but how cool is it?? C’mon. He deserves total world domination it.


Office Supplies That Look Like Weapons If on the other hand, you don’t think he should be taking real weapons to work:
You can get him something that looks like a weapon, but is actually a useful flash drive. However, since it seems like it would be safer for him not to look like he’s carrying around a deadly weapon, maybe just get him this wrench flash drive instead.



Still Not Sure What to Get? If you can’t find something on this list that your dad will like, leave a comment describing your dad and I’ll see what I can come up with for him!



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