Tough Mudder 2012

Posted on April 30, 2012 on 3:00 pm by Jen.

Tough Mudder 2012

While we could have enjoyed this past weekend like any other weekend vegging out in front of the TV, shopping, going out for lunch with friends, a few of us decided we wanted to get dirty and test our toughness by participating in TOUGH MUDDER (again). Last year, I was a spectator and enjoyed every minute of it. This year, I decided I wanted in on the action and became a Tough Mudder. I can’t say that I enjoyed every minute of it…but I’m happy I did it and finished, even if it was only for the assuring knowledge that I never want to do this ever again!

My misery is 99.9% because of under-preparing. Tough Mudder is NO JOKE. Even though it’s not timed team work is encouraged (from teammates, friends, and strangers alike), it will KICK YOUR BUTT. HARD. The soreness and aching started to set in when I still had about 5 more miles to go. (How I made it through that 5 additional miles? I have no idea.) I could barely lift my legs and every now and then would gather enough strength to slowly (and I mean slowly) jog for the sole purpose of trying to get warm. Did I mention the second obstacle was jumping into an ice bath and having to submerge ourselves in this said ice bath to pass under a wall in the middle? (That sounds confusing, but believe me…it was COLD.) From that point on, it seemed like every other obstacle was something involving cold, COLD water.

My most feared events were the ones that involved live wires and shocking and I am relieved to report that I got shocked a whopping 0 times! I did witness many unfortunate Mudders who got some sick jolts of electricity, followed by seizing muscles and automatic fetal positioning.

I am so proud of our team and sticking together to make it through what Tough Mudder proclaims to be the “toughest event on the planet,” and how true that is! Please enjoy the photos from the event, taken by our amazing support group, MVP, super-spectator, Sara!

Were you in the Poconos race this weekend as well? Have you ever participated in Tough Mudder or similar event?
Please share with us! We’ve been swapping stories all day at work today!

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