What To Do This Weekend…

Posted on April 27, 2012 on 9:18 am by Brittany.

I find myself in constant struggle when deciding how to spend my time on the weekends. Many times Hulu Plus wins me over and I sit down for a few hours to watch whatever series I’ve been sucked into most recently, but if you have the desire to do something a little more interesting try out some of the activities below:


Scrollsy Shopping SHOP
If you’re in support of all things Etsy like I am, plus you love the visual stimulation that Pinterest provides, then I know you’ll enjoy shopping on Scrollsy now.


Shelterness DIY Projects BUILD
Take a gander at Shelterness. There are not just tons of DIY projects, but also just lists and lists of home improvement ideas. Like different styles of mini bars to build in your house.

I have an idea for what to do with an old cabinet in my house now thanks to that mini bar page!

If you’re feeling creative and motivated go visit Shelterness now.


Recycle Your Fashions SELL
If you’re anything like me, your closet could use some serious cleaning. I actually think I might be able to wear a different shirt every day this year with how many shirts I own – however, some items would not fit correctly. Should you have the motivation required for the last task, but not the creativity, consider cleaning out your closet this weekend to make some money off of the clothes you don’t wear.

If this sounds like a fabulous idea, head on over to Recycle Your Fashions to consign your clothes. They will take your clothes, and assuming they meet their standards, they will sell your goods on both their website as well as their eBay store and send you checks each month for all of those items you no longer needed or wanted.


Gadling Travel Blog TRAVEL
If you need ideas on where to go next, or what to do when you get there… or help figuring out how to get anywhere (budget vaca!) then visit Gadling and start reading. With such articles as “Do You Need a Backpack To Be A Backpacker,” you’re sure to find the information you need to make your next trip (I’ve always wondered if this had to be literal or not in order to consider yourself “backpacking through Europe”).


Volunteer Match VOLUNTEER
I bet you’d be amazed at the amount of possible volunteer opportunities in your area. If you’d like to find a great way to donate your weekends to help others, hop on over to Volunteer Match. This site was designed to help match willing volunteers with those in need of help. Take a look around and see if you can take part in something bigger this weekend. You won’t regret it.



What is an interesting way you’ve spent your weekend recently?



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